Enjoy radio every day with the best mix of music and shows! Most DJ's will enable live chat so you can interact in real time and get involved from wherever you are.

Most of the shows feature some sort of musical quiz and the DJ's and The Station love the interaction and the community feel Almeria Radio gives. Be sure to check out our show schedule below...

Ryan Brown

Ryan is one of our longest serving DJ's having been with Almeria Radio from the very beginning. Ryan attracts a lot of listeners who love the banter on our live and interactive chat system.

Originally from West Yorkshire, Ryan now lives in Manchester, UK and broadcasts live from his UK studio on a Tuesday evening with the “Request Barre” – a live and interactive show playing the best guitar based music - old and new!

Join Ryan Mon-Wed for The Morning Show 10am - 12pm every Monday.

Rob Mac

With 25 years experience in IT, media and telecoms, Rob Mac keeps the radio running. He now manages cloud infrastructures and writes commercial software for two UK companies and is an ex Blackpool DJ.

Rob loves the 80s party tunes, 90s old skool bangers and vocal trance. And Dire Straits. Join Rob for the 5 o'clock Hit Mix every day.

The Mashup and Remix Show | 80s Top Of The Pops

Tim Daines

Now retired here in Spain, our resident Slade expert has seen Slade 58 times. He has even interviewed Slade drummer 'Don Powell' and guitarist 'Les Glover' live here on Almeria radio quite a few times!

Tim and Don talk regularly, usually about Slade, over tea and cakes apparantly...

Join Tim for the Slade show 9pm - 10pm every Monday.

Tim Daines - The Slade Show

Dave Jewell

Dave Jewell is a seasoned presenter who can't get enough of rock...

The show attracts so many listeners and everyone appreciates the superb selection of tracks that Dave plays.

Dave is currently on other TV projects but will be back on air soon.

Dave Jewell - The Rock Show


CatDog aka Mad on Blonde needs no introduction locally. As a professional singer with a huge following across the area she brings a great mix of party music and banter. Her bubbly character carries over the airwaves like a breath of fresh air.

Join Cat for the Party Playlist every weekday 10.00am - 12.00pm and Saturday mornings for the Cat & Charlie Show 10.30am - 1.00pm .

John Alex

John is an Armed Forces Veteran and has lived in Spain since 2004.

He originates from North Yorkshire and upon leaving the services he took on a role as a hospital DJ and at local venues as a resident DJ through the 80s and 90s.

On moving to Spain in 2004 he made a name in Benalmadena and Torremolinos as a Karaoke / Disco DJ

He now lives near Huercal Overa where he continued as a DJ and also presents here on Almeria Radio. He also hosts Northern Soul / Tamla Motown nights locally regularly.

You may spot John out and about too - he is one of the many bikers in the area and can be seen on his distinctive red Honda Gold Wing Trike.

Join John on The Afternoon Essentials Show on a Thursday and Friday afternoon featuring songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s plus some funny/silly stuff on 'Fun Friday'!

Craig Scott

Craig is a Armed Forces Veteran now living in Spain and from day to day, you'll see him out and about helping local businesses build there brand with hoodies, merchandise, mugs, signwriting and more through his popular business GET BRANDED!

And to start your day with a bang - and prize your eyelids open - he's also right here on Almeria Radio!

Join him for a musical morning journey with his eclectic, upbeat mix of music from all genres and the chance to win the holy grail of morning teaser mugs.

Join Craig with his sidekick Keith 'The Teeth' on Sunday afternoons at 4pm for Double Trouble!

Jon Campbell

Music Producer and DJ Jon Campbell produces some of the best synthpop and synthwave shows and is also the man behind 90's sensation The Time Frequency.

Join Jon for the Ultimate Music Show on Sundays at 7pm here on Almeria radio and 12pm on Fridays over on our sister station, Almeria Gold - they are just incredible!

Jon's Ultimate Music | Jon's Ultimate Playlist

David Wright

David is our fountain of knowledge on the Almeria area and an author of 4 books on Spain, all available on Amazon and Kindle.

Having lived, worked and employed staff here in Spain for more than 19 years he has bought and sold many properties and land plus planned, designed and built his own 4 bedroom house.

He also works closely with a Spanish accountant and tax expert who is also the Honorary British Consulate in Almeria with a focus on living and working in Spain.

David has appeared as a guest live on BBC TV news, channel 4s 'A place in the sun' and provided many radio interviews.

He will be here every Thursday and Friday at 4pm-5pm for his show 'The Wright Way' for great music plus information on new laws including help and advice for living and working in Spain.

David Wright Information and podcasts

Rob 'Briggsy' Briggs

Rob 'Briggsy' Briggs who retired to Mojacar over 8 years ago is passionate music lover who loves a bit of fun and just wants to make you smile!.

He loves the 60's & 70's, not to mention 'Silly Songs' and songs to get you moving! With Music taste from the 50s right through the genres to modern chart tracks you'll love the fun variety!

You can join Briggsy every Saturday, live between 4pm & 6pm!

Jim Scott

Jim Scott has been an international DJ for over 30 years and is now a Wedding and Corporate MC.

DJ Jim has also come through the ranks in the radio world presenting on numerous commercial station's both in the UK and abroad. His speciality is The 80s, and he hopes he can 'Spread the Word' on his 80s show here on Almeria Radio!

The show is packed with features and alongside his witty charm on the mic is a selection of quality tunes from the Best Decade Ever! Join Jim live every Sunday for a Kick Up The 80's at 2pm.

Dave Adams

Dave has worked as a compere for various National Tours such as 'The U.K. DJ of The Year Competition', and major product launch tours. He has attained Award-Winning status for his outstanding DJing ability. In addition, Dave has frequently hosted major outside concerts to thousands of people.

Dave's radio career began presenting a weekly show on West Sussex’s 'Spirit FM', this soon led to a move to Capital Radio's Sussex station 'Southern FM'.

He went on to host the Drive Time show for TLRC station 'Sovereign FM'. He also did stints on 'Win FM', 'Quay Radio' and 'The Saint'. He could previously be heard on Media Sound Radio Network's, 'Splash FM', 'Bright FM', 'Sovereign FM' and 'Arrow FM'.

Join Dave for the retro hits show. Check out the show schedules for Dave's next show!

Simon Marshall

Simon has been a radio presenter since the age of 19 starting on Chiltern FM back in late 1998.

As well as presenting, Simon is also a DJ and event host with his most recent hosting the Bedford Park Concerts where he introduced Louisa, Fleur East, Tom Walker, Tom Odell and Mistajam on stage.

Join Simon for his 'Weekend Anthems' show on Friday nights 8pm-10pm.

Johnny Boy

A favourite voice across the Almanzora Valley, Johnny Boy is here early afternoons. With his edgy approach to radio and the odd slip of the tongue, he is great fun.

Join Johnny Boy every Mon, Tue and Wed 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Danny FS

Danny is no stranger in the area and has the popular Total Entertainment Shop in Arboleas. He has lived in the area since 2014 after working for many years in IT in the East Midlands and East Anglia.

From a very musical family, his mum and sister both sing professionally and he has a very varied and eclectic music taste - everything from Mozart to Metallica and show tunes to the Prodigy.

He is an ardent Liverpool FC supporter and followed the reds all around Europe before moving to the Almanzora Valley and is often to be found in Bar Pablo in Arboleas watching the matches.

Your morning Wake Up with Danny FS with The Total Entertainment Breakfast Show every weekday 8am-10am.

Claire FS

I was born in Liverpool and have now lived in Spain over 14 years and am the owner of Total Entertainment.

I love theatre and I am also a Member of The Luvvies Theatre group. My hobbies are acting, cinema, listening to music and lying about my age *wink*

Join Claire on Monday evenings at 7pm-9pm for the Monday Movie Mix Tape - songs that have featured in all the biggest films from every decade!

Ian M

Ian M is one of our local legends with silky Scottish voice and a great taste in music too.

You can join Ian for your Weekend Wake Up with Ian M every weekend from 8am.


Charlie is your Saturday morning voice on the Cat and Charlie show.

You can listen to Cat and Charlie every Saturday morning at 10.30am.

Nicki Noodles

Nicki has been living in Spain for 16 years following a career in the fire service and lives with her husband and 2 crazy dogs.

She never imagined she would end up involved with the radio station but is very excited to see what happens next!

You can join Nicki on Sunday mornings from 10am - 12pm.

'Producer' Steve

Not really a Producer.... But loves jumping on with Ryan from time to time - often with hilarious banter.

The r/K Theory

Our elusive local DJ who likes to keep himself to himself. Like a musical Stig. But he does some fantastic house mixes!

You can join the r/K Theory for Casa del Ritmo every Friday night at 7pm.

The r/K Theory - Casa del Ritmo

Terry Stevens

Terry Stevens has lived in Spain since 2018 and has a collection of vinyl and CD's that has to be seen to be believed! He loves music and his show brings a great mix of R & B, Soul, Rock and Pop to your Sunday.

You can join Terry Stevens for The Sunday Lunch Show every Sunday from 12pm to 2pm.

Chris Roberts

An Army Veteran, now semi-retired and still running his UK company. A huge Slade fan along with fellow Presenter Tim Daines. Whilst he like music from all genres, he also has a massive interest in Reggae Music and his show features Reggae, Ska and Dub!

"I want to bring my passion for reggae, ska and dub by taking the listeners on a musical journey", Chris added.

You can join Chris Roberts for The Reggae Revolutuion Show on Sunday evenings from 9pm.

Chris alos hosts a great 2hr Thursday show called 'The Crazee World Of Music' which includes music from every genre including hidden gems, forgotten tracks and B Sides - and of course big hits!

Chris Roberts - Reggae Revolution | Chris Roberts - The Crazee World Of Music

DJ Jezta

He's a proper Yorkshire lad is Jezta and a brilliant DJ. He has been filling clubs in the Barnlsey area for years and now he's right here on Almeria Radio. He always finds the perfect mix of 90s and 00s club and dance classics.

You can join Jezta live on air every Saturday night from 8pm - 10pm.

DJ Jezta - Noughty Nineties

Gloria aka 'Gloripedia'

Gloria is a bag of fun that brings the perfect vibe to Almeria Radio. Every Saturday she joins Mally for the 60s and 70s show and brings her bubbly character and musical knowledge to the airwaves. In fact she is such a mix bag of fun facts that she has been nicknamed 'Glorapedia'.

You can join Gloria live on air every Saturday afternoon from 1pm - 4pm.

Dashing Dave

David owns his own property business in the UK working closely with local councils. He buys, renovates and restores abandoned and run down properties ready for rental, helping single parents and families on a low income..

He has lived in Mojacar now for over 4 years and loves the life and culture that Spain has to offer.. As he says, "myself and my wife love walking our 3 dogs and enjoy riding the Harley Davidson around the mountains of Andalusia. What could be better than the wonderful life Spain has to offer.

David brings us "The Love Zone" - a relaxing, yet fun show every Thursday & Sunday evening at 10pm focusing on love songs... songs that stir those emotions.

Simon Harding

Simon pays homage, not just to the annual winners and some of the more famous entries of Eurovision but to other lesser known songs from throughout it's six decades of history too.

There’s also regular news from the Song Contest World, plus new music from - and interviews with - past Eurovision artists!

Join Simon Harding for the Eurovision Show every Wednesday night at 9pm.

Travis Mitchell

Travis is a radio professional with commercial experience on 3 UK commercial stations and he loves the throwbacks from the 80's and the 90's.

If you love the party classics and 90s party hits make sure you tune in.

Travis is currently doing work on the house and is back later in 2023.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans is one of the top party DJ's from Blackpool and was one of the prime presenters on Blackpools top radio station, Radio Wave.

Popular with venues such as the Tower Lounge and the Flagship you will love Chris's music choice as it features top club classics and massive classic tracks from every era.

Chris is back on air later in 2023.


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